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Facial Treatments

From skin analysis to follow up treatment plans, our facials are a fully customized experience.

The LED Mask

** New service offered by SkinWorks by Melanie! **

At first glance, you may think “Storm Trooper” or “Michael Myers??”, but rest assured, the mask-wearer is unharmed. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Jessica Alba and Linda Evangelista have become ambassadors of “LED therapy” by posting pictures of themselves on Instagram (#LEDmask), making the treatment more popular.

What is hiding behind that mask? Dozens of LED bulbs (light-emitting diodes) that radiate and tackle different skin concerns. It also allows for better product absorption, and is best used in conjunction with a professional skin care regimen.

LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of Universities, medical labs and most importantly, NASA.

Red(630 nm)— One of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation, stimulates skin cells to produce collagen to achieve firmness and smoother skin texture. The red light (penetrates 8-10mm) is suitable for any type of skin; it can reach the dermis level to stimulate skin cells. Improving blood circulation and collagen production can reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth.

Blue(415 nm)—Excellent for treating acne, kills bacteria, calms inflammation. The calming blue light (penetrating about 0.5mm) is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. It reduces sebum secretion, effectively treating breakouts and healing damaged skin.

Green(525 nm)—Anti-aging and brightening, smooths wrinkles and fine lines, cures wounds, brightens. The green light is suitable for combination and hyper-pigmented skin. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production.

LED therapy has also been proven to effectively aid in seasonal depression and other emotional stresses!

Contraindications for light therapy include pregnancy and epilepsy, photo-allergy, and medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline). Also, if you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injections, you should not receive light therapy.

Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion

Our Signature Facial!

This advanced facial includes a deep, detoxifying cleansing with steam and sonic cleaning, followed by an exfoliating cleanser and Microdermabrasion treatment. Next is a customized mask, relaxing facial massage and manual lymphatic drainage. A customized serum is then applied, followed by UV protection and a relaxing hand and arm massage.  Leaves the skin glowing and rejuvenated.

The Benefits of Treatments with Diamond Microdermabrasion:

  • Rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin
  • Reduction of age spots, sun spots and post breakout discoloration
  • Minimization of blotchy skin coloring
  • Reduction of acne scars and superficial scars from past injury
  • Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Reduction of acne and oily skin
  • Improvement of overall skin health

Best results achieved with a series of 6-9 treatments, depending on skin type and desired results- recommended 10-14 days apart


15 min. Microdermabrasion Treatment with “mini”-facial (pre-cleanse, mini-massage, and sun protection)

(approx. 40 min.) $85.00

Special! $200 for three Mini-Microdermabrasion Treatments!

  • Services must be paid for in advance (at first treatment)
  • Services must be performed within four months of purchase date
  • Must mention this promo to receive discount

LED/Microcurrent Facial Treatments

Get healthy, more youthful-looking skin through LED/Microcurrent Rejuvenation Facial Treatments. This winning combination stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer skin, providing a reduction in skin discoloration, breakouts, and wrinkles.  Also helps to provide better product absorption, increasing product effectiveness.

Light therapy produces immediate, long-lasting results (everyone’s results are different depending on age and skin health, usually requires multiple sessions) through use of LED (light-emitting diodes) that stimulate your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin.  It’s like activating your skin’s own hidden repair system!

The red light penetrates up to 8-10mm ceasing the inflammation process, it significantly improves healing and reduces chance of scarring.  It accelerates blood circulation, stimulates skin cell re-growth through fibroblast cells enhancing collagen and elastin production and triggering self-repair mechanisms. Collagen plumps up the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, while elastin helps to firm sagging skin.  Red light also works to reduce inflammation and decreases the redness associated with rosacea, particularly when used in conjunction with blue light.  Beneficial for any skin type.


  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Stimulates skin cell re-growth
  • Enhances collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces inflammation and decreases the redness associated with rosacea
  • Beneficial for any skin type

The blue light regulates skin’s sebum secretion (reduces oil production). This light penetrates up to 0.5mm beneath the skin and has powerful calming and anti-bacterial properties.  It is beneficial for sensitive or oily/acne prone skin, as well as enlarged pores.  Blue light is proven to be an effective treatment and cure for acne, since it destructs and eventually kills the P. acnes bacteria (acne).  When used consistently, blue light treats existing blemishes and prevents further outbreaks without the negative side effects of topical medications.


  • Reduces oil production
  • Calming and anti-bacterial properties
  • Cleanses the body of waste substances and repairs blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Beneficial for sensitive or oily/acne prone skin
  • Effective treatment for acne
  • Helps prevent further outbreaks

The green light is for hyperpigmentation and aging.  Its spectrum between red and blue provide a combined healing process.  The green light has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties; it helps fight free radicals, improves skin texture, and activates and oxygenates skin cells. Green light targets melanocytes; it inhibits the production of excess melanin, preventing it from traveling to the skin’s surface, as well as breaks up melanin clusters to diminish existing discoloration. When used consistently, green light gives the feel and appearance of brighter, more luminous and radiant skin tone.


  • Anti-aging
  • Effectively reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Helps fight free radicals and improves skin texture
  • Gives the look and feel of brighter, more luminous and radiant skin tone

Microcurrent Stimulation is a process in which ultrasonic electrodes are used to release a low-frequency, low-intensity current to stimulate physiological nerve impulses to firm the skin’s tissue and underlying muscles.  This process stimulates the blood in the epidermis and dermis, releasing vital amino acids and ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) activating lymphatic circulation providing a muscle “re-education” and awakening of tired muscles (that create the appearance of sags and wrinkles).  Microcurrent technology delivers a gentle electrical frequency that mimics our skin’s own electrical signals, stimulating the musculature, accelerating the natural cellular turnover process of our skin.  It has a stimulating, yet relaxing effect, while boosting natural collagen production and tightening and firming the muscles under the skin.

During/After Treatment: There’s absolutely no pain or discomfort during the treatment, and no recovery time.  Unlike other treatments – like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light laser), there is no initial ‘controlled damage’ done to your skin.  Long recognized by European dermatologists, and FDA-approved, it’s one of the latest and most advanced anti-aging treatments to look younger and better without surgery.  LED light therapy is safe and effective for all skin types, has no known side effects, downtime or pain.

Microcurrent/LED Therapy CANNOT be performed on the following: If your are pregnant, have epilepsy, a pacemaker, metal pins or inserts on the treatment sites, insulin dependent diabetes, lupus, stroke, auto-immune disease, acute sensitivity to light (migraine), taking photo-sensitive drugs (ie Accutane or tetracycline within the past 3 months).

European Facial

All Skin Types

A therapeutic, deep cleansing facial specific to skin type: with extractions using steam (if necessary), exfoliation, personalized mask(s), facial massage and lymphatic drainage. This luxurious facial is followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Leaves skin cleansed, revitalized, firmed, toned and radiant! Best results achieved with two European Facials per month.


Le Mieux Acne Correction Facial – Acne Skin

Designed to address the problems of blemished skin at any age. A deep cleansing scrub, followed by Vitamin C clarifying treatment with a beta-hydroxy peel, and beta acid treatment. A clarifying clay mask is then applied to regulate sebum production, dissolve impactions and minimize the presence of bacteria-causing acne, removing dead skin cells and allowing the treatment product to penetrate. A revitalizing Hungarian enzyme mask is used to replace beneficial bacteria and dissolve keratin proteins, resulting in detoxification and exfoliation, revealing softer, smoother, clearer skin. A light massage and lymphatic drainage conclude this purifying facial.

Gentleman’s Sport Facial

A therapeutic treatment that addresses the unique concerns of the active man, such as ingrown hairs and sensitive or irritated skin. A deep cleanse with steam and exfoliation will assist in refining the pores and softening the hair. A hydrating mask and relaxing facial massage help to reverse the signs of aging, reduce the stress of the day, and soothe the skin. Treatment is followed by a soothing hand and arm massage and sun protection.

Reduces razor burn, leaving skin revived and hydrated.

The Pregnancy Facial

That beautiful pregnancy “glow” can sometimes be compromised by hormonal breakouts and dark spots, unfortunately. SkinWorks by Melanie offers a safe, gentle, yet detoxifying and deep-cleansing facial to help combat the effects of hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy, including acne and hyperpigmentation.

This facial includes an exfoliating scrub, an enzyme cleanse with Clarisonic, extractions, a balancing enzyme/probiotic mask, relaxing face, arm and neck massage and a hydrating, anti-aging serum and moisturizer. Finished with relaxing, rejuvenating lavender (prenatal safe) aromatherapy. Just what that mom-to-be needs to prepare for baby!

Back Facial

This pore-clearing, back treatment includes a double deep cleanse with Clarisonic and enzyme scrub, extractions (as needed), customized mask, relaxing massage, and a hydrating serum and moisturizer.

**add 35% glycolic peel to reduce scarring, acne and hyperpigmentation for $30.00

Teen Facial – (18 and younger)

Designed to address the specific skin problems faced during youth, such as blackheads, whiteheads and skin blemishes. Includes a deep cleansing with a clarifying cleanser, ozone steam and extractions, and an anti bacterial exfoliating enzyme mask. Followed by a light, non-stimulating massage, lymphatic drainage, and a calming/healing mask. Customized home care is suggested.

Recommended every two weeks until skin shows improvement.

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